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Microsoft is preparing a new version of Windows 11 for elementary and middle school students.

Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 SE on Tuesday, the operating system that will run the kid-friendly educational laptop known as the Surface Laptop SE.

Microsoft VP for Education Marketing Paige Johnson said, "It's the first Surface specifically made for K–8 students, with an 11.6-inch screen, front-facing 720p HD camera, and stereo speakers."

The product will go on sale early next year with a starting price of $249. However, retailers won't be able to sell the new Surface Laptop SE. Microsoft intends to sell it exclusively through educational sales channels to institutions like schools. The Surface Laptop Go, and the company will still sell Surface Go to both consumers and educational institutions in the interim.

windows11 se
Source: Microsoft

Regarding Windows 11 SE, the operating system resembles Windows 11 in many ways. Microsoft has made some changes to make it simpler for kids, both in and out of the classroom.

The Surface Laptop SE, a new Microsoft educational laptop, will run on the OS. New Windows 11 SE laptops are also being prepared by independent PC manufacturers.

Office Apps

Additionally, school IT administrators can remotely push any local educational programs, Chrome, Zoom, and other third-party apps to the OS. To avoid having students type a lengthy URL into their browser's address bar, teachers can remotely install buttons on the OS that will instantly load a web page.

windows 11 se
Image: Microsoft

The various Office applications, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, can all be used without an internet connection. Once the laptop is connected to a dependable internet connection, any school projects saved on the programs will automatically sync to the cloud.

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