Code of Conduct

TechGru has followed a stringent code of ethics since its inception in 2020, protecting our editorial independence and the reliability of our reporting. The following rules, many of which go above and beyond those expected in our field, must be followed by every editorial staff member.

The core goal of TechGru has always been to gain and maintain our audience's trust. Promoting clear ethical principles that enable audiences to understand where the information originates from and if it can be trusted is more crucial than ever in a world where information is disseminated across various platforms and formats.

Our most precious asset is the independence that enables us to publish stories without fear.

TechGru regularly criticizes the individuals and organizations it covers, and we're most proud of our work when we publish stories that the powerful would instead remain hidden. Because every editorial staff member must adhere to a strict code of behavior, we can enjoy this independence. Additionally, we maintain a rigid separation between The TechGru's editorial staff and the advertising departments at our parent business (addressed more in detail below).

The following are the main principles of our code of conduct.

  • We never accept gifts from businesses or their public relations agencies.

  • We do not accept requirements for receiving coverage.

  • We forbid reporters from covering individuals or businesses with whom they have a personal problem.

  • We never provide any form of sponsored endorsements.

  • We don't personally invest in the businesses we write about.

  • Never, ever does our editorial staff create compensated content.

Our policy prohibits us from accepting anything of value from the businesses we cover, including but not limited to gifts, dinners, special discounts, paid vacations, and junkets. TechGru cover all costs of attending events, including lodging, meals, and transportation.

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