Android 13 update breaks wireless charging for some Pixel owners

pixel android 13 update

Pixel owners who haven't upgraded to Android 13 yet should be aware that after installing the latest OS, which came out this week, some people aren't able to use wireless charging (via 9to5Google). This could be an even bigger problem for Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners since they can't go back to Android 12 after updating to Android 13. People who use the Pixel 4, 4 XL, Pixel 6, and Pixel 6 Pro with a variety of wireless chargers, including Google's Pixel Stands, have talked about the problem on Reddit.

Some users say the phones seem to know when they are on a wireless charger. One user said their 4 XL shows the charging battery icon on a wireless charger. But the batteries don't seem to get any power, and some charging pads say that the phone isn't lined up right or that there was a charging error.

Different fixes have been suggested, especially for the Pixel Stands. One user said their device started charging with the stand again after disabling the Pixel Stand app, booting into safe mode, charging with the stand, and then forgetting and adding the stand. One of The TechGru's employees had a friend who said that their first-generation Pixel Stand seemed to forget their Pixel 6 Pro, but when they set it back up, it started charging again.

A few users have also said that different Pixel models had problems with fast charging. For example, one user said their Pixel 4A 5G only charged 10% in an hour and got very hot. They didn't say for sure if they were using wireless or wired charging, but they did say that they plugged and unplugged their phone, which suggests that they were using wired charging.

Unfortunately, this kind of problem is surfacing in Android 13, particularly given that some users claim it began during the beta, indicating that Google had time to learn about and address the problem. The fact that Android 13 is having issues with something as basic as charging doesn't precisely give users hope that Google is improving the stability of its updates. Android 12 was an especially unstable release, with some updates breaking core functionality on Pixels.

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