The new Apple iPhone 14 will release early this year according to the best leaker


The earliest release date for the Apple iPhone 14 this year will be sooner than last year, predicts Mark Gurman, the world's most reliable source of Apple information leaks, as reported by friends at The Verge (opens in new tab). The new Apple iPhone 14 will debut at an event on September 7, just after the U.S. Labor Day holiday, in contrast to the iPhone 13, which was unveiled in late September. A week from that Friday, on September 16, the phone will be available for purchase.

At this year's iPhone launch, Apple is anticipated to go big, which means the new model won't replace the Apple iPhone 13 mini but rather a large-screen phone. According to rumors, Apple will introduce the iPhone 14 and the larger iPhone 14 Max.

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are two "Pro" models that will receive additional improvements to processing, the camera, and other features. The Apple A15 Bionic chip from the previous year is anticipated to stay in the phones without the "Pro" moniker. These "Pro" devices will be the only ones that can use an upgraded A16 chip when announced.

The phone launch from the previous year took place in September, though it might have been delayed even more because of supply chain issues. This summer saw several phone launches, but there haven't been many complaints about supply issues. We still see this as a positive indication that the market is finding a balance to supply consumers without raising prices or causing significant delays, even though the Apple iPhone 14 sells only about a week earlier than it did last year.

You can read in-depth explanations of all the details that have already leaked about the new Apple iPhone 14 at our explainer. At the September event, Apple is also anticipated to release the new Apple Watch 8.

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