iPad Pro M1 Chip: Bringing The MacBook Pro Power

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Apple unveiled the most powerful and sophisticated iPad Pro to push the boundaries of what is possible on an iPad. The addition of the M1 chip, created by Apple, resulted in a significant performance increase, making the iPad Pro the quickest gadget of its kind. The new Liquid Retina XDR display on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro adds extreme dynamic range to the tablet. It provides a breathtaking visual experience with more in-depth information for the most demanding HDR workflows.

When traveling, cellular variants with 5G enable even faster wireless connectivity, and the iPad Pro also supports Thunderbolt to give customers professional-level throughput for high-speed peripherals. A brand-new Ultra Wide front camera also makes Center Stage possible, a feature that keeps users automatically precisely framed for even more engaging video chats. Beginning on Friday, April 30, you can order the new iPad Pro on apple.com; it will be delivered in the second half of May.

"We're tremendously happy to bring the innovative M1 CPU to iPad Pro," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing. "The revolutionary M1 chip has been a breakthrough for the Mac." With the M1's dramatic improvement in performance, a ground-breaking extreme dynamic range experience on the 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display, up to 2TB of high-speed storage, Thunderbolt expansion, a four-speaker audio system, professional cameras with LiDAR Scanner, blazing-fast 5G connectivity, and a fantastic video-calling experience with Center Stage — combined with the advanced features of iPadOS and a robust pro app ecosystem all in one.

Apple unveils a brand-new iPad Pro with a ground-breaking M1 CPU, lightning-fast 5G, and a gorgeous 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display.


The industry-leading performance of the iPad Pro is elevated to a new level by the ground-breaking M1 processor. The 8-core CPU design incorporates the fastest CPU cores available worldwide in low-power silicon, providing up to 50% better CPU performance than A12Z Bionic. In a league of its own, the 8-core GPU offers up to 40% quicker GPU performance. The iPad Pro extends its lead as the fastest device of its kind thanks to this CPU and graphics performance combo. The iPad Pro is more capable than ever thanks to solid custom technologies like a next-generation 16-core Apple Neural Engine, a sophisticated image signal processor (ISP), and unified, high-bandwidth memory architecture of up to 16GB of memory, 2x quicker storage, and up to 2TB capacity. All of this incredible performance and all-day battery life is made possible by the M1's industry-leading power efficiency in the thin and light iPad Pro. 1 Because M1 uses the same underlying architecture as A-series CPUs, iPadOS is already set up to take full advantage of the M1's sophisticated technology, making it possible to manage even the most difficult tasks. This includes simple navigation.

The remarkable front-of-screen performance of the Pro Display XDR is now available on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, thanks to the new Liquid Retina XDR display. The Liquid Retina XDR display was created with a brand-new, cutting-edge mini-LED design that employs over 10,000 LEDs across the entire back of the display and offers up to 1000 nits of full-screen brightness, 1600 nits of peak brightness, and an astounding one million-to-1 contrast ratio to improve creative workflows. Now, creative professionals can see and edit real-life HDR content on a portable, huge display, including photographers, videographers, and filmmakers. The result is a beautiful visual experience that captures the brightest highlights and the most minute details in even the darkest photos, reflecting what can be seen in the real world. ProMotion, True Tone, and P3 wide color support are just a few of the cutting-edge features featured in the new Liquid Retina XDR display, which offers an unrivaled mobile cinematic viewing experience for HDR and Dolby Vision content. These features are also present in the 11-inch iPad Pro.

Customers on the go can now accomplish even more thanks to improved performance and access to next-generation download and upload speeds, which is perfect for high-definition FaceTime or streaming video in higher resolution. Users don't need to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots as much while using a secure, quick connection to stay creative and productive. The iPad Pro delivers the most 5G bands of any device of its kind and the greatest 5G coverage globally. The millimeter wave variant of 5G, which has a higher frequency, is supported by iPad Pro models in the US, enabling iPad Pro to operate at speeds of up to 4Gbps. The iPad Pro also supports eSIM, making it simple to locate a network and immediately sign up for a 5G data package.

The iPad Pro now integrates into creative workflows even more naturally thanks to support for more accessories. With 4x higher bandwidth for wired connections than the previous iPad Pro—up to 40Gbps—and support for Thunderbolt and USB 4, the USB-C port on the iPad Pro is the quickest, most versatile connector ever on an iPad. A vast ecosystem of high-performance accessories, including faster external storage and even higher resolution external displays, including the Pro Display XDR at full 6K resolution, is made possible by Thunderbolt, which supports 10Gbps Ethernet. These accessories are all connected using high-performance cables and docks.

Environment friendly

Apple currently operates carbon-neutrally on a global scale, and by 2030 it hopes to have a net-zero climate effect throughout the entire organization, including all product life cycles and manufacturing supply chains. Every Apple product sold will be carbon neutral at every production stage, including material collection, component manufacture, assembly, transit, customer usage, charging, recycling, and material recovery.
The new iPad Pro has an enclosure made entirely of recycled aluminum, and the magnets in the speakers and enclosure are constructed entirely of recycled rare earth materials. The iPad Pro is free of dangerous ingredients, satisfies Apple's high criteria for environmentally friendly materials, renewable electricity, and energy efficiency. It uses recycled or sustainably harvested wood fiber in its packaging.

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